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Right: The beautifully illustrated, how-to-fold-this "instant book" comes from page 15 of Esther K. Smith's "How To Make Books." I learned most of what I know about making books from that one. It's a gem.


Instant Books seem like just the right thing for me to make right now. They're bite-sized to make and the perfect size for snacking.


The titles of the zines shown below are links to pdfs if you want to print paper copies.  Print one! Print lots! Share with your friends and families! Share with people you haven't even met yet!


They each fit on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. 


"If you can read this book you can make one yourself." -Jonathan Cruikshank (JC), my collaborator on WE | A Zine for Humans #1





WE | A Zine for Humans #1 [click title for .pdf]

The Less Gooey Truth About Condoms [click title for printable .pdf]

less gooey.jpg

How to Meet Neighbors [click title for .pdf]

how to meet neighbors.jpg

How to Cut The Cheese [click title for a double-sided, printable .pdf]


cut the cheese cover.jpg

Back (just the facts)

cheesy backside.jpg

It's A Human Thing #1 [click title for printable .pdf]

It's a human thing 1 final.jpg

Whatcha Sayin, Dog? [click title for a double-sided, printable .pdf]


watcha sayin dog bw.jpg


zine howto backside.jpg