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A wagging dog welcomes you. She takes some turns before landing on either blanket or grass. The sun sets behind buildings that remind Christo of Ghostbusters. Drinks arrive in jars. Sometimes there are pancakes. Perhaps your friends are here when you arrive. If not, you've likely made friends by the time you leave.

surprise guest dinner series, pknk 1; potato chips and olives; cold beet soup with accoutrements (finely-chopped dill, radish, avocado & sour cream); fried chicken and German potato salad; cherry-mango upside down cake

pancake picnic; blueberry, buttermilk pancakes cooked on a "buddy burner" and served with butter and maple syrup; iced tea

pasta tuesday pknk for 2; Chinese homestyle salad (bean thread noodles with Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, cilantro and a soy-sesame-ginger-hot oil dressing); avocado+cucumber maki rolls