what I want to say to you

Added on by Jessica Gath.

The concept of What I want to say to you is to catalyze generosity in real time in people’s real lives. I invite attendees/participants to think of someone in their lives and to let that person know – this time in the form of a secret/shared message t-shirt.

What I want to say to you works as a narrative with three stages. First, you are participating right now, as you read this and think of the people in your life and what inside jokes and phrases you share with them – what your secret message could be. The core of the performance is when I embroider the shirt for you. The work ends with the recipients of the shirt receiving and wearing it – whenever and wherever that may happen in the months and years to come.

[shirts, thread, secret messages, order forms, cursive, 2010-2 | Photos: Zsuzsanna Szegedi & Christo Wood]