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John C. Gonzalez's Sticker Book is a 100 page volume of found photographs organized into a limited edition print book including a subscription of 13 limited edition stickers created by affiliated artists from November 2013 – November 2014. Gonzalez invited a group of 13 artists to create new works for Sticker Book. Each month one artist designs a limited edition sticker and the work is mailed to the owners of Sticker Book. The recipient may then place the sticker on any page within their edition. Each edition of Sticker Book also included a unique sticker designed by Gonzalez. In addition to the Affiliated Artist stickers, there will also be one of a kind unique adhesive prints available for purchase that Gonzalez will create during the subscription period.

Sticker Book artists include: Erik Benjamins, Thomas Willis, Elizabeth Mooney, Francisco Gonzalez, Carlos Jimenez Cahua, Sean Glover, Jessica Gath, Andrew Lee Gonzalez, Adam Parker Smith, Susan Metrican, Kirk Amaral Snow, Jeriah Hildwine, Juanli Carrion


[sticker (for John C. Gonzalez) | tape and pen on a notebook cover, 3.5"x6", 2014]