home depot house | 2013 deCordova Biennial

Added on by Jessica Gath.

John C. Gonzalez adopts a community-oriented approach in his art practice by connecting people and forging networks in unique ways. In Home Depot House, Gonzalez constructed a single-room house in collaboration with the Providence, Rhode Island Home Depot store where he worked. The process involved cooperation between the artist, Home Depot associates who contributed construction supplies in addition to physical labor, an architecture firm, and interested members of the public willing to lend a hand. Transported from Providence, Gonzalez’s Home Depot House extends its community focus on deCordova’s front entrance. It functions as a studio for visiting artists selected by Gonzalez and offers an opportunity for visitors to interact with these artists at work. This space encourages conversation and exchange of ideas, which, as Gonzalez’s project indicates, can occur through drawing people into a shared space.

Home Depot House Artist in Residence Schedule
John C. Gonzalez: October
Jessica Gath: November
Nicole Delanos: December
Wilson Lawrence: January
John Osorio-Buck: February
Thomas Willis: March-April

[Home Depot House residency (for John C. Gonzalez), deCordova Sculpture Park & Museum Biennial Exhibition, 2013 | Photos: Brent Refsland, Andrea Shea/WBUR]