#1, For Deep Sleep [a song]

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My sweetheart was not sleeping well and felt anxious. I wanted to make something to help. The only idea I could think of was to write them a song... it could get stuck in their head and they could sing it to themself as they tried to relax and in difficult times. I made it plural so it could be for them and our dog... and anyone else who might like it. Below is a ukulele tab for it. I bet if you know how to play other instruments you can figure out how to translate it. As a former flute player I added the breaths. I appreciate the reminders. #breathe [printable pdf available here]

#1 breathe sm.jpg

Order of the Gingerbread [open] House

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Dreamed up by Jessica Gath

Inspired by Patrick Jacobs', Raj Kottamasu's, Dan Miller's, Dan Waller's, and Christo Wood's hand skills and culinary savoir-faire. 

Materials: gingerbread; royal icing; puffed rice cereal; food coloring; edible silver leaf; marzipan; 22" lens

line-up insert sized.jpg

Portrait of the Order of the Gingerbread House in a 22” lens (L-R): Dan Miller, Christo Wood, Patrick Jacobs, #LibertyLoveDog, Dan Waller, Raj Kottamasu, Jessica Gath


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Right: The beautifully illustrated, how-to-fold-this "instant book" comes from page 15 of Esther K. Smith's "How To Make Books." I learned most of what I know about making books from that one. It's a gem.


Instant Books seem like just the right thing for me to make right now. They're bite-sized to make and the perfect size for snacking.


The titles of the zines shown below are links to pdfs if you want to print paper copies.  Print one! Print lots! Share with your friends and families! Share with people you haven't even met yet!


They each fit on a single sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. 


"If you can read this book you can make one yourself." -Jonathan Cruikshank (JC), my collaborator on WE | A Zine for Humans #1





WE | A Zine for Humans #1 [click title for printable .pdf]

The Men in Your Life (a clif’s notes on mass incarceration) [click title for two-sided, printable .pdf]

the men in your life.jpg
men in your life backside.png

The Less Gooey Truth About Condoms [click title for two-sided, printable .pdf]

less gooey.jpg

How to Meet Neighbors [click title for two-sided, printable .pdf]

how to meet neighbors.jpg

How to Cut The Cheese [click title for a double-sided, printable .pdf]


cut the cheese cover.jpg

Back (just the facts)

cheesy backside.jpg

It's A Human Thing #1 [click title for printable .pdf]

It's a human thing.jpg

Whatcha Sayin, Dog? [click title for two-sided, printable .pdf]

watcha sayin dog bw.jpg

Tips for Flying [click title for printable .pdf]

Tips for Flying.jpg

My Rules for Going To Sleep [click title for printable .pdf]

My Rules Every Atom sm.jpg

ivy heart p

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It's true, friends. Ivy is just as happy for dogs to pee on it as not (just look around Park Slope and you'll see what I mean). So let's plant more ivy in the city!



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A wagging dog welcomes you. She takes some turns before landing on either blanket or grass. The sun sets behind buildings that remind Christo of Ghostbusters. Drinks arrive in jars. Sometimes there are pancakes. Perhaps your friends are here when you arrive. If not, you've likely made friends by the time you leave.

surprise guest dinner series, pknk 1; potato chips and olives; cold beet soup with accoutrements (finely-chopped dill, radish, avocado & sour cream); fried chicken and German potato salad; cherry-mango upside down cake

pancake picnic; blueberry, buttermilk pancakes cooked on a "buddy burner" and served with butter and maple syrup; iced tea

pasta tuesday pknk for 2; Chinese homestyle salad (bean thread noodles with Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, cilantro and a soy-sesame-ginger-hot oil dressing); avocado+cucumber maki rolls

flag for a performance heartist

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John C. Gonzalez's Sticker Book is a 100 page volume of found photographs organized into a limited edition print book including a subscription of 13 limited edition stickers created by affiliated artists from November 2013 – November 2014. Gonzalez invited a group of 13 artists to create new works for Sticker Book. Each month one artist designs a limited edition sticker and the work is mailed to the owners of Sticker Book. The recipient may then place the sticker on any page within their edition. Each edition of Sticker Book also included a unique sticker designed by Gonzalez. In addition to the Affiliated Artist stickers, there will also be one of a kind unique adhesive prints available for purchase that Gonzalez will create during the subscription period.

Sticker Book artists include: Erik Benjamins, Thomas Willis, Elizabeth Mooney, Francisco Gonzalez, Carlos Jimenez Cahua, Sean Glover, Jessica Gath, Andrew Lee Gonzalez, Adam Parker Smith, Susan Metrican, Kirk Amaral Snow, Jeriah Hildwine, Juanli Carrion


[sticker (for John C. Gonzalez) | tape and pen on a notebook cover, 3.5"x6", 2014]

time body space objects 3 - defibrillator, chicago

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12 artists have been invited to participate. Each artist will be assigned one hour – randomly. There will be no clean up or set up time, one hour will transition into the next. Each artist must leave the space empty at the end of their hour. The theme will be commitment. There will be no remnants left behind.

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iced tea picnic

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The Iced Tea Picnic was one of the loveliest experiences I have ever had. If you would like to be invited to the next one (most likely in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY) send me an e-mail. If you like iced tea and/or scones and/or beauty, you will probably love it too.

[Iced Tea Picnic 2013, Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA | Photos: DEAD ART STAR & Katrina Grigg-Saito]

tree university

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Futurefarmers present Tree University, an outdoor classroom in which deCordova’s fallen trees (originally toppled during Hurricane Sandy) are used to explore all the creative possibilities that can stem from a single tree. 

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on sincerity

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“Gath fuses her practices in painting and performance in a work that positions a self-portrait in the process of making an artwork. The figure is frozen in a moment of creation as she tapes a Mos Def lyric to the floor in the gallery space. Gath’s chosen text sites the inheritance of love and its healthy manifestation in future generations through acts of kindness and artistry.” – Liz Munsell

* “My folks said they wuz in love when they had me
     I take the love they made me wit to make…”

[Mos Def lyric* from “Love”, artist tape, oil on board, 2012]

we are the world

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We Are The World is a celebration of unexpected kindnesses experienced far from home. The artwork takes the form of small conversations.

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big, red & _______

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Big, Red & __________ is part of a body of work called Ten Years of Fun. The artwork is an active celebration of words by  word lovers for word lovers (present and future).

Created for the Big Red Shindig by invitation of Big, Red & Shiny.

[favorite/beloved words, dictionary (gift from Samantha Fields), overhead projector, heart-shaped balloons with W-O-R-D spelled out on them in vinyl letters, 2012 | Photos: Carleton Gholz (balloons), James Manning]

campaign for good

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Are you bored of feeling bad? Do you still have hope for the human race? Join the Campaign for Good—a movement inciting thoughtful and kind actions. Come be disarmed by the generosity of others. Team up with us to spread a shared wish for the world.

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what I want to say to you

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The concept of What I want to say to you is to catalyze generosity in real time in people’s real lives. I invite attendees/participants to think of someone in their lives and to let that person know – this time in the form of a secret/shared message t-shirt.

What I want to say to you works as a narrative with three stages. First, you are participating right now, as you read this and think of the people in your life and what inside jokes and phrases you share with them – what your secret message could be. The core of the performance is when I embroider the shirt for you. The work ends with the recipients of the shirt receiving and wearing it – whenever and wherever that may happen in the months and years to come.

[shirts, thread, secret messages, order forms, cursive, 2010-2 | Photos: Zsuzsanna Szegedi & Christo Wood]

kindness is contagious

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In 2010 I invited several artists to create designs for stickers stating “Kindness is Contagious.” I printed images by seven of those artists on high-quality, glossy, vinyl stickers. I put out the call again in 2011 and printed stickers designed by sixteen artists. I love the designs and I love the stickers. I can’t wait to see the 2012 designs!

If you’ve got a design to submit for this year, send it my way. If you’d like to order some stickers ($.40 each + postage) send me an e-mail.

Many thanks to the participating artists: Bradley Pitts, Hiroko Kikuchi/The National Bitter Melon Council, Clay Ward, Brandon Hinman, Daniel Deluca, Jen Delos Reyes, Eli Mann, Greg Cook, Karen Stein, Matthew Shanley, Liz Perry, Kye Lee, Laura Fortune, Merritt Johnson, Michelle Jones, Raul Gonzalez, Steve Dildarian, Samantha Fields, Sebastien Leclercq, and Tasha Doremus!