Jessica Gath featured on Inquiry, | 90.5 FM | Worcester, MA

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On Inquiry, host Mark Lynch brings you thought-provoking, informative, and often wild discussions with some of the most interesting people in art, history, science, medicine, and more. You'll hear everything from Magellan to Mars landings, from Cole Porter to punk rock aerobics, from comics to the Venus de Milo - always expect something different on Inquiry. 

Hear our conversation here.

The World Famous Secretary featured in The Landfill

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The Landfill re-launches at the 2014 Open Engagement conference with the release of Issue 4. For β€œThe Shift,” Shannon Finnegan, Jessica Gath, Piero Passacantando, and the Lower Mainland Painting Co. contribute works on work, whether manual, clerical, or conceptual. Subscribe now to begin receiving Landfill with Issue 4.

[Photo: The Landfill]